Feeling Twenty Two

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     My twenty-second birthday is just around the corner & since I was just in Chicago, my fav, I've chosen to celebrate in Miami. There are a few new places all over the city I'm dying to check out! On my way in, I'm stopping at The Umbrella Sky Project. It's a pop-up art display in Coral Gables featuring hundreds of umbrellas right near Miami. Hello insta pics. It also has a bunch of trendy, high-rated brunch spots I'm dying to check out. POCFratellino, & Local Craft Food & Drink all look right up my alleyI'm also looking forward to a new up-and-coming spot in Wynwood, No. 3 Social, a rooftop bar near the Wynwood Walls. & of course I can't wait to be cabana-ridden at The Fontainebleau. Celebrating aside, I've got high hopes for my golden year. I've set some realistic goals & made objectives that I'm really excited about. 

So here goes nothing,

 The 22 things I'm doing during my 22nd year:

| Followed by the dates I complete them |

  1. Hit 10k on Instagram. Up the content, broadcast to a bigger audience. | 1.15.19 |

  2. Buy the damn YSL bag. I dream about it.

  3. See Denver. I'm branching out ok. \ 10.18.18 \

  4. Make 5 new girlfriends. Mani/pedis are starting to get lonely.

  5. Lose 22 lbs. Contrary to popular belief you don't need beer everyday.

  6. Spend some time in Chicago. Because it's just tradition.

  7. All A's & B's all year. Fortunate enough to be granted an education, make the most of it.

  8. Hit 22 blog posts. Easy peasy. I already love it.

  9. Save at least $5,000. This will be very difficult.

  10. Talk to my parents every week. This is the most important.

  11. Go to 22 new restaurants. This will not help #5.

  12. Go out of the country, Panama maybe? So, this would be the time to renew that expired passport.

  13. Universal Studios. Hogwarts. Butter Beer. enough said.

  14. Read at least 5 books. I will find the time.

  15. Reach 250 followers on Brooks Instagram. Yes my dog has an insta. It's Trendy. @Bthemorkie

  16. Have my Illinois friends come stay. Four years guys, we still haven't done it.

  17. Road trip. Anywhere. Everywhere. Must be at least 8 hours away.

  18. Find a new hobby, take a class, brush up on your French. I enjoy so many things yet repeat the same day over and over. Change is good. |Sur la tab 12.14.18 |

  19. Attend 5 blogger related events. Can't be shy, everyone starts somewhere. | & event hosted my own event 3.03.19 |

  20. Stop biting my nails. It has been 22 years, old habits die hard.

  21. Visit 22 new breweries, cideries, & wineries. This will make #5, #7, & #9 nearly impossible.

  22. End the golden year somewhere spectacular. Couldn't be there for the start, so I have to finish strong.

A lot of my goals will turn into future blog posts! Get excited for 22 new restaurants, 5 New Books, #Roadtrip, & How I Lost 22 lbs.

I hope you enjoyed my post! If you'd like to reach out please do not hesitate. For personal & business inquiries you can reach me on my email, restandriesling@gmail.com, you can leave a comment through my contact page, or you can find me on Instagram @ Cora Bolds. Check back to my website, new posts usually come weekly. So stick around, your support means more than you know!

For now, I've got to go get some R e s t & R i e s l i n g.