Summer Staples to Fall Favorites

     Us ladies spend a lot of money on our wardrobes. We can't get away with that same gray polo & washed denim that guys seem to wear through every season. Those lucky guys. We have to keep up with the new-&-now, we have to shake up our closet & keep it trendy. Thankfully shopping is an adventure, a pleasure some might say. Seeing all the new trends, collecting the new fads, & styling them in your own way is what makes new seasons thrilling. Just not so great for your budget huh? Where is the must-have-for-season line? $300? $400? In other words $1600 annually? Oh no honey, not anymore. My rule is simple. 5 x 5. Meaning, each season purchase 5 staple pieces that are "in' for the time being & 5 pieces that are in, but you can also make work through any season. You know, ripped denim, the classic white T, maybe even some peep toe booties. This way you end up with less worn once items at the end of the season & more I really got my money out of that at the end of the year. If you cave in & must have the burgundy Kate Spade clutch or the BCBG gold skirt I wont tell anyone, you do only live once. But just hear me out!! The only people telling you that you have to keep buying are the brainiacs behind marketing schemes for retailers. We get swindled into thinking we have to have that bamboo handbag & those ridiculously expensive earrings. The items we're going to buy at full-price, use once or twice, & if we're lucky, sell on Poshmark. Here's the trick, yes there are some staple pieces you're going to have to have, but choose wisely & learn how to style it throughout the year. Savin' monaay, cha-ching. 

Alright, Alright, here are some ways I wore it in the summer & some explanations on how I'm walking it into fall. 

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For now, I've got to go get some R e s t & R i e s l i n g. 

Cora Bolds