Self-Help Sundays

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I have a very specific routine for Sundays. The start of a new week calls for some serious self love and pampering to tackle whatever the next seven days might bring. I think it is extremely important to take at least an hour or two out of the week to destress yourself, relax, and rejuvenate. Not only does a face mask help my skin, but two hours away from my phone helps my anxiety, stress level, & overall mental health/well-being. In a world so heavily reliant on the internet, it’s okay, perhaps encouraged, to disconnect to focus on whats around you. Some might say, whats real. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to put your phone down. I myself am addicted to social media. It just wouldn’t be a day if I’m not constantly returning emails, checking assignments, updating the blog, etc. But let me tell you something.. Life takes place in those small moments of being disconnected. When I reflect at the end of the year, a traditional thing, I often remember the moments where I didn’t have my phone. I remember sitting around the table and talking to my family, I can honestly say some of my best vacations have been in places where there wasn’t wifi and cellular data. We have become so reliant on being connected to everyone at every moment of the day we let life slip right through the cracks. We compare ourselves to people we don’t know, bring ourselves down because of things we don’t have, and nitpick at our lives because we’re not something that someone else is. But you know what’s better than their life? YOUR LIFE. It’s yours. Don’t like something? change it. Feeling overweight? Eat better. Don’t like where you live? Move. You are in control of your actions, and you have the ability to make yourself happy so put down your goddamn phone and look at the life happening around you because it’s beautiful and you won’t be here forever. So stop analyzing, fantasizing, and comparing yourself to fitness models, social influencers, or celebrities. The girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine. Photoshop has single-handedly ruined the self-esteem of girls everywhere. Plus, what the heck is up with all the body modification? I’ve never had the desire to get lip fillers, Botox, or new boobs?? I’ve never even been super happy with what I’ve got, but I’ve never wanted to botch my body to conform to someone else’s definition of ‘beauty’. I’m not perfect, I’ve known this my whole life. Social media didn’t tell me I wasn’t perfect, it just made it seem like everyone else was. Which use to bring me down. But not anymore. I don’t let that happen to me. I will not fall victim of self-pity & letting the lives of other people affect how I view and live my own.

So here’s a few things I do on Sunday to take care of myself:

  • Bubble bath, with a bath bomb or bath salts. Dr. Teals is a great brand that is sold just about anywhere. Their pink Himalayan epsom salt is my favorite.

  • Grab a book, magazine, or newspaper. Reading material for that bubble bath.

  • Take extra time to scrub down your whole body. Wash off the past week.

  • Cut your cuticles, buff your nails, file them, paint them. Coconut oil + honey + raw sugar, to make an awesome hand scrub.

  • Face Mask. Sephora sheet masks are my favorite.

  • Beat three egg whites with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply to dry hair for fifteen - thirty minutes. This locks protein in and keeps my hair from breaking.

  • Stretch for 12 - 20 minutes. Just a good old Sunday stretch.

  • Brew some coffee. If you don’t like coffee, go to a coffee shop just to smell the coffee.

  • Engage in a conversation. Even if it’s about the weather.

  • Go for a run, lift some weights, hit an abb circuit. A good burn goes a long way.

  • Clean the house, your car, space, or garage. Cleanliness is a fresh start.

  • Hang with a doggo, go to the dog park, or go on a walk, just play with your little fur ball. They appreciate it too.

  • Lay down, close your eyes, & just relax. Be happy with your own company.

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For now, I've got to go get some R e s t & R i e s l i n g. 

Cora Bolds