Valentine's Day Lookbook


Shades of Reds, pinks, & purples.

Everyone loves Valentine’s Day, right? Riiiight. If you’re in a relationship it’s a lovely day about appreciating your significant other, buying them a little something-something, maybe going out for a romantic dinner, seeing a movie, potentially a little… uhh, physical activity? If you’re single the night might entail hanging with some girlfriends, grabbing a bite while stalking all the other happy couples, & perhaps learning to love cuddling a bottle of wine. Red wine. Moral of the story, if you’re single as a pringle V-day might not be your favorite holiday. Regardless, you need the right attire. My go to’s every year are shades of reds, pinks, & purples. Ahh, the hues of love. So what are my hot plans you might ask? Well, I have a marketing research exam from 7 - 10 pm on the 14th that I will be studying for all day. After, Levi & I are going to my favorite Italian restaurant in Fort Myers, Divieto. We’re going to split a bottle of Riesling & hope that I didn’t fail the test I just took. And they say romance is dead. Pshhhh. So now that you know my really exciting life, what are your plans? Hanging in and cooking or a night on the town? Late night walk through the city or snuggles and romantic comedies? Let me know here!

If you’re a nerd like me then you might enjoy this article I found recently about V-day stats for 2019. It highlights a bunch of facts, numbers, and predictions for spending this year including “the average person is expected to spend $221.34” (McDermott) Levi, if you’re reading this, please don’t go spending over $200 on a gift, I’m easy to please just give me all the wine & food.

In this lookbook, I’ve put together some of my favorite new pieces as well as some old goodies that I’ve linked new versions of:

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For now, I've got to go get some R e s t & R i e s l i n g. 

Cora Bolds